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Before we dive deeper into the world of Forex I would like to tell you a little about my personal journey. I know too many my past probably doesn’t seem important but it is, especially for those on Instagram waiting for handouts and sitting feeling helpless. If you can afford an internet-enabled phone plus purchase data to browse Instagram don’t think you are worst off than anyone else.

I am from Jamaica and I grew up in a farming community in the country area. The other day I was browsing Instagram and I found an image that looked exactly like what my house used to look like back in the days. I mean the same colors, same design it was so nostalgic. (See image below)

If you are here to see me flex you won’t I’m a very simple guy. I grew up struggling but my parents instilled good values. My head was always held up high even when we had nothing. We were taught not to steal and to work for whatever we want. My father a farmer, the hardest worker I know to this day. So how could I see my father work so hard and then come and ask for handouts?

He sent us to school and thanks to him I now have a Bachelors Degree. After graduating from university I had to relocate to the city (Kingston, Jamaica). When I got to the city I started working for minimum wage. Yes, minimum wage with a degree fun times lol! It wasn’t for long though I moved on to a few more jobs and soon got a salary I could actually survive on. I made a lot of financial mistakes buying a car I couldn’t afford, maxing out a credit card, took out stuff I couldn’t pay for and soon I was covered in debt and left eating crackers and noodles. My life was pretty average I guess.

I had to make drastic decisions to get out of debt. After which I was desperate to find something to support my lifestyle because I had already decided I wouldn’t continue working forever. I wanted to go to the hills and go swim in the river every day. Definitely I was never going to be in debt ever again I was there and it wasn’t glamorous.

I came up with an incredible plan to find a job that paid good enough and also didn’t have a lot of stress. That way I could get paid in the day and work on my other stuff at nights and that I did. At the time I was doing a lot of gigs on the side I was winning big government contracts while still working.

At the time I was renting an apartment with my friend. He was trading Forex and showed me a little and I was interested although he wasn’t successful it had potential. But being the meticulous person I am there was no way I would start researching every single thing about it. He was a freelancer so he stayed at home and I had to go to work which was very discouraging. He would get up when I was leaving for work and would make fun of me going to work while he stayed home.

It took me a very long time to begin trading forex. I was pumped and also confused, thinking that an easy way of making money as this existed and I didn’t know about it. I was ready to be a millionaire in a week.

I started trading Real Account back in 2014 but I was studying and doing demo for about a year before. The market ripped me apart I was blowing accounts left, right and center. Just like a bully at school I showed up every week to get a beating. It didn’t matter the weapon I brought to use to fight I always ended the week with a bruised ego. I went for MACD, Ichimoku Clouds, Renko, Fibonacci,…I went for my entire family and the market still put on a pounding.

I was changing strategy and indicator every single week searching for the holy grail. There’s no indicator under the sun I don’t know about. I was so beat I decided I would never fund accounts with my money. I also knew trading demo was a waste of time.

Trading demo is like having a soccer match at home and trading real would be like having that same soccer match on a ice hockey pitch and you are in your soccer gears.

It was now three (3) of us trading as friends and what I had now resorted to was to wait for my friends to blow their accounts. For me I just wanted real money to trade it didn’t matter how much it was. Do you know when you like have a $1,000 account and you only have $20 left that to my friends would be considered a blown account and I would take those accounts while they reload their accounts with another $1000. Even though I was trading a small account at the time I was getting way more trades than they were with the $1000 because they wanted to do big lot sizes and would take maybe 11 trades for them to reach down to $20, while I was making around 6 trades on the leftover $20.

I had gained superhero strength in discipline and I started to see improvement. I got a few books ad started to make notes soon I would be walking and seeing charts in the sky and I was piecing things together in my head. After work, I would run home and started testing the stuff in my head. I threw away every single indicator. I found out something very important.

There’s no holy grail and since any strategy could bring success it would only make sense to use the simplest strategy ever.

So I started studying simple price action by looking at the naked chart and started at simple trendlines. I researched trendline and what I found out was that everybody drew their trendlines differently. What was scarier is that people were drawing trendlines differently on each attempt. Like if I told those gurus to draw trendlines for a pair they would draw it but if I asked them to remove them and redraw they would draw different trendlines. If Forex is strictly based on probability how would you measure the probability if people are drawing trendlines differently each time. So I started doing my own trendlines I had found something special I could draw and redraw my trendlines the same even a year after and people were drawing different trendlines even minutes after drawing them.

I closed Instagram I left everyone behind, my friend was in the same apartment and he didn’t know the strategy I was using. I stayed to myself developing and testing. There were weeks I felt like giving up. Slept on the floor looking at the roof wondering why this thing was so hard. When people say they can’t trade because they have 9-5 I laughed because my entire strategy was developed while working. NO EXCUSE!

It took me around 7 years to reach where I am today and here is where I will tell you all about what I have learned. Stick around I have more content coming.

  1. I learned a lot from watching your trade setups on Instagram and often refer to you as my benchmark..

  2. Desde que lo vi por instagram me cautivo…lo sigo he intento interpretar y captar su sabiduría. Gracias

  3. Thank you for sharing your life story in more detail and thanks for always remarking, in this post and in the telegram group, that discipline is fundamental in this profession. Without discipline you cannot move forward. We wait for the next post !! Greetings from Argentina Squid!

  4. man been following you for year now you really inspired me so here is favour i am asking you to do if possible please share your present or give a little house tour or just share your present bro i really look forward to you. hope to meet you one day. ALL LOVE

  5. Your life story gives me more strength to me even if am just in your website In this moment, I’m in that situation right now,

    Much love from Tanzania East Africa

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