Introductory Post

Hello everyone, thanks for visiting my blog. Most of you probably know me from Instagram as @forexswing.

This will be the new base for everything about Forex and goals. If you are here for grammar or English lessons you are NOT at the right place. I’m just one guy writing about my experiences and if you want to hear what I have to say then find a seat make your self at home. I have a lot of stuff to talk about.

I have been asked millions of questions daily on Instagram and I’ve always tried to answer them as much as possible. Scribbling and trying to use the tiny buttons on the phone I often get tired of retyping the same answers over and over. Here is where I’ll have all the answers written out so you can check and recheck. Instead of giving a few sentences and try to explain now I will have an entirely new medium to express clearly with charts, pictures and illustrations.

I see many people struggling with Forex because they were introduced to Forex with the wrong mentality. Now there are even Network Marketers selling off you guys to brokers. They tell you “quit your 9-5 and make money” they are very persuasive. I’m here to tell you guys the journey isnt a easy one. But if you have been struggling to learn my principles and advice applies to everybody.

What to expect from this blog:
  • I will be disclosing my entire strategy piece by piece for free.
  • How I deal emotions.
  • How I do risk management.
  • Calculating lot size
  • Charts I trade
  • My trading journey
  • The trading path you should take.
  • How to improve your strategy
  • Forward testing your strategy
  • The no mentor no bullshit way of getting better at Forex
  • Everything you can think of….

It is my aim to make my website the one stop shop for everything Forex. It is my idea to have a vibrant community, I will be teaching what you need to know to build your own strategy and think for yourself in the market. Also, please comment you will find the comment section below each post.

Come along on this exciting journey see you on the next post.

  1. i see you as a legend, since last year your instagram posts have helped me some how to learn something i never knew.

  2. Thanks for this blog, you are doing the Lords work , in this tough economic climate we need ways to have at least a secondary income, people are getting retrenched on the daily in South Africa , I’ve been retrenched before so there’s no such thing as job security, I need your help to crack this forex business

  3. Hi Purplesquid, I’m fairly new to forex trading, meaning I know nothing about it, but I’ve been wanting to learn for a very long time now. I downloaded babypips 2 nights ago because people said ita good app to learn from. I went on instagram and typed in forex trading and started scrolling through it and came across your name. I don’t know why I stopped on your name and started to look at your posts but I believe it was for a reason. I’m here to learn and I hope I get a better understanding of this.
    Keep up the good work

  4. I just came here. Im gonna read all ur article. Thanks for this. I really appreciate. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜ lots of love and respect from me man!

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